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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


BCSS can act as your CISO

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a top-level executive whose role is to ensure an organization’s business information security is adequately protected and enhanced. With our vCISO (virtual CISO)

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Why hire a vCISO as a service VS. hiring?

How much does a Chief Information Security Officer make in the United States? The average Chief Information Security Officer salary in the United States is $233,507 as of December 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $207,853 and $264,339. (Source

CISO turnover rates have declined—but still remain high with 45% of global.


CISOs having been in their current role for two years or less, down from 53% in 2021, with 18% turnover year-over-year. (Source Marlin Hawk, 2022, Survey of 470 CISOs).


However, not very company can afford (or need) a full-time CISO on its payroll. In addition, the role of a CISO blends both technical savviness and managerial proficiencies, which makes those capable of holding such position rare. Thus, discovering an individual with all these skillset is often difficult.

Key benefit?

It’s FLEXIBLE! One of the key benefits of this approach is that you only pay for the security leadership and projects you need.


This fractional service scales up or down to meet the scope and pace necessary to achieve your unique security goals.


With a monthly hours budget, you have the flexibility to apply the hours for maximum impact. Not only do the hours not expire, we even allow you to “work ahead” into your allotment to surge ahead and solve those time critical issues without having to wait for your future hours to be available!


vCISO hours can be used for any purpose. Often we have an initial immediate goal in mind but after that we will help you create a custom roadmap for the year.

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